Product release: Monitor your real-time water consumption effortlessly

Do you want to improve your water performance? Try effortless monitoring for your water streams.

If you have been monitoring your water usage at your plant for the past years, you probably have experienced deviations in your water consumption. It is very common for plants to have one or more water meters that are being monitored and checked regularly. But the regular checkups don’t offer insight into when water is being consumed inefficiently. Also, this manual process requires human effort and can be time consuming.

In order to solve this problem, we developed a water pulse sensor that gives you detailed insights into your water consumption at your convenience. The water pulse sensor can be applied to any water meter with a pulse output, and stores all water consumption data in your online dashboard. When combined with our gas pulse sensors or energy sensors, you can manage all your energy consumption in one single Energy Management System. 

Image of smart sensor - water pulse

To avoid downtime, the water pulse sensor can be easily set-up by mounting it on a flat surface and connecting it to your existing water meter with a cable. When retrieving the data, the information will be sent to the database via the wireless bridges. Your water consumption will be measured in m3.

Sensorfact - Water pulse dashboard graphWhen applied to your meters, the water pulse sensor collects and sends energy data to the Sensorfact Software wirelessly. The online dashboard can show your usage with an interval frequency of 5 minutes, so peaks in your consumption will be easily noticed.

How to get your Water Pulse sensors

Not a customer yet? Schedule a call with one of our industry specialists to see how this powerful tool can help you save energy. If you already are a customer, you can easily find and order the solution in the Sensorfact Software. Our energy specialists will then further help you with the onboarding process.

Written by

Mareike Brühl

Product Manager Energy Advice

Do you want to improve your water performance? Try effortless monitoring for your water streams.