Product release: Personalised insights into your consumption with Tracking Reports

Receive personalised insights into your energy consumption and waste in a fully automated weekly or monthly report.

Sensorfact introduces a new Tracking Report feature that enables you to receive customised insights directly into your inbox. This allows you to easily keep track of your energy performance and waste on a machine level, or on a higher level such as production lines. These insights will help you implement new energy savings and oversee your progress.

The report is set up in consultation with an energy consultant. After this, the reports are automatically generated and sent per email on a weekly or monthly basis. That way you can fully automate the process and save time on monitoring.

Other customers already use the Tracking Report feature to:

  • Compare energy consumption between production lines, shifts or machines.
  • Show the energy consumption outside of production times.
  • See peak power use for the past week, and which machines caused the peaks.
  • See which machines wasted energy in standby mode, and when standby incidents occurred.
  • Check the energy consumption for a machine or group of machines compared to their normal use.
  • Create awareness amongst staff members, for example by showing the potential energy savings in euros. 
  • Get easy insights with graphs, or drill deep with tables containing all the numbers.


Energy consumption per machine per week: stacked bar chart

Energy costs in euros per machine per week: table view

How this will benefit your plant

A customised report gives insights into consumption and can even show the amount of savings in euros. The data will indicate exceptional situations and thereby enable you to further improve your energy efficiency. You can also track two identical machines to compare and improve their performance. 

With Tracking Reports you can keep track of the process of waste minimisation and indicate long-term trends in your usage. It enables you to account to the management team or holding, by showing relevant consumption and savings per department. Besides this, sharing reports with employees will show them the impact of their energy-saving efforts and can increase motivation among your team.

How to get tracking reports

The Tracking Reports are included in the expert package subscription by default. Our energy consultants will set up a customised report for you, so we can make sure you have the visualisations you need. Curious to see more about our Tracking Reports? Book a free demo and we’ll walk you through the features!

Written by

Mareike Brühl

Product Manager Energy Advice

Receive personalised insights into your energy consumption and waste in a fully automated weekly or monthly report.