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We develop products that allow manufacturers to easily monitor energy consumption and gain insight into machine maintenance. Our focus is on making smart monitoring simple. We do this by offering a solution that is easy to install and use. In addition, our consultants provide customized advice appropriate to your plant’s situation.

When I was working as an external energy consultant, I personally experienced the challenges of identifying energy savings. The cost of submetering was excessive, installing the sensors caused downtime and analysing the data was difficult. These challenges motivated me to find a solution for manufacturers, and that’s why I founded Sensorfact in 2016. We passionately created a simple and affordable solution to make monitoring easy. Thanks to our smart IoT platform, over 1,600 customers in 40+ different countries have already saved on their energy bills and reduced industrial waste. We’re proud of this achievement, and it motivates us to help even more manufacturers.

Pieter Broekema

Some quick SensorFacts

1,600 +
200 +
124 +
GWh savings identified
40 +
Countries worldwide

About us

Our mission

We aim to reduce the human environmental footprint by eliminating all waste in the industry. We believe that if reducing waste is easy (time efficient, cost efficient) and reliable, industrial companies will improve their efficiency.

Our impact

Sensorfact was founded in 2016 and has grown to 1,600+ customers in 40+ countries. To date we have identified 124+ GWh of energy savings. This is just the beginning. Our ambition is to become the leading smart IoT platform for industrial SMEs globally.

Meet Sensorfact

You can find the Sensorfact team in our offices in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Our team consists of 200+ colleagues with 15+ nationalities and different expertise such as development, sales and energy consultancy.

Reasons why customers choose us

There is no system on the market as easy to use as that of Sensorfact.

Brecht Cools IKO Maintenance Manager

The savings Sensorfact found, contribute to a reduction of more than 10% on our energy bill.

Jochen Geurts Schoeller Allibert Production Manager

What I had not expected is that Sensorfact would identify such an amount of savings without having to make an investment. Almost all saving opportunities identified concerned behavioural change, where we will have to work hard as a group to ensure we continue to pay sufficient attention to this. So far, I am very happy with the pleasant cooperation.

Jef Leysen Soudal E-manager

The detailed energy consumption data allows us to benchmark our machines, gain more control over our processes and allows us to make data-driven investment decisions.

Wim Veelders Vernay Senior Manufacturing, Maintenance and Facility Engineer

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