Water management

Save on your water costs by eliminating waste. Our easy-to-install pulse or ultrasonic sensors monitor your water consumption and send the data to your online dashboard.

  • Insights on your water consumption
  • Easy access to smart software
  • Rapid leak detection

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How it works


Plug & play hardware

Apply our water pulse sensor to any water meter with a pulse output. In case no water meter is installed yet, our ultrasonic clamp-on meters can be attached non-invasively as well.


Smart software

Wireless bridges send the data to your online dashboard with an interval frequency of 5 minutes. Your consumption will be shown in m3.


Automated reports

Receive periodic status reports on your consumption in your inbox, fully automated.

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  • Pulse or ultrasonic sensors
  • Smart software
  • Service & support

Pulse sensor

€12,50 p.m.

Ultrasonic sensor (Clamp-on)

€55 p.m.


€17,50 p.m.


  • Set-up, configuration & shipping
  • Kick-off
  • Complete scan and repeat



Reasons why customers choose us

Low cost sensors

Our sensors are an affordable solution for monitoring your water consumption.

Non-intrusive installation

Install your water meters easily, without any downtime.

Dashboard integration

Are you also monitoring energy with Sensorfact? Your water consumption will be integrated in your online dashboard.

Save on sewage charges

By proving your water doesn't get polluted, you can save on sewage charges.

Reasons why customers choose us

There is no system on the market as easy to use as that of Sensorfact.

Brecht Cools IKO Maintenance Manager

The savings Sensorfact found, contribute to a reduction of more than 10% on our energy bill.

Jochen Geurts Schoeller Allibert Production Manager

The detailed energy consumption data allows us to benchmark our machines, gain more control over our processes and allows us to make data-driven investment decisions.

Wim Veelders Vernay Senior Manufacturing, Maintenance and Facility Engineer

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