Temperature & Humidity

Ensure great process quality by closely monitoring temperatures in your plant. Our easy-to-install temperature sensors measure temperature and humidity, and automatically send the data to your online dashboard.

  • Smart monitoring of your process quality
  • Alerts on temperature deviations
  • Suitable for rough and humid environments

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How it works


Plug & play hardware

Easily apply our temperature sensors using cable ties or double-sided tape. The sensors operate wirelessly, ensuring you're up and operational within minutes.


Smart software

The temperature sensor transmits data wirelessly to the bridge & online dashboard every three seconds.



Receive alerts when temperature or humidity thresholds are exceeded by email and act when necessary to ensure your products quality.

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  • Temperature or humidity sensors
  • Smart software
  • Service & support

Temperature or humidity sensor

€12,50 p.m.


€17,50 p.m.

Data bundle (obligatory)

€10 p.m.


  • Set-up, configuration & shipping
  • Kick-off



Reasons why customers choose us

Wireless sensors

Our temperature sensors are completely wireless and easy to set up.

IP67 encapsulation

The sensor works great in wet or dusty environments, thanks to its IP67 encapsulation (temperature sensor only).

Long lifespan

The sensor typically lasts 10 years on a single battery.

Effortless setup

Install your temperature meters easily with cable ties or double sided tape, without any downtime.

Immediately online

Our system is online immediately, and you can start monitoring directly after the sensors are installed.

Wide measuring range

You can confidently measure temperatures for your plant with precision, thanks to the broad temperature range of -40 to 85°C.


For us, it is really important to monitor all our data streams in a single platform. Sensorfact offers the functionality to monitor everything together in their online dashboards, and has found a very insightful way of providing tailor-made advice on top of each of these data streams.

Hans Peeters Vlassenroot Maintenance manager

There is no system on the market as easy to use as that of Sensorfact.

Brecht Cools IKO Maintenance Manager

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