Predictive maintenance

Save time on maintenance in your plant and prevent breakdown by monitoring the condition of your machines. Our smart software detects deviations in vibrations and send alerts long before you would notice any signs of defects.

  • Easy monitoring with our smart software
  • Alerts about deviations in vibrations
  • Assistance and tailor-made advice by maintenance consultants

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How it works


Plug & play hardware

Measure the vibration, magnetic field and temperature of your machine with our easy to install predictive maintenance sensors.


Smart software

Monitor the condition of your machines real-time via your online dashboard and receive alerts when the vibrations exceed limits.


Automated reports

Receive periodic status reports and advice in your inbox, fully automated.

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  • Leasing hardware
  • Software license
  • Automatic status reports
  • Service & support

Vibration sensor

€19 p.m.

Bridge (including data)

€20 p.m.

Consultancy service

€1500 p.y.


  • Set-up, configuration & shipping
  • Kick-off


€750 (starting price)

Reasons why customers choose us

User friendly interface

The interface shows an overview of your assets, where you can investigate the vibration data

Easy installation

Install the sensors without any downtime. You will immediately see if the sensor connects well to the platform.

Automated diagnostics

Automated weekly or monthly reports with a detailed overview of your assets and explanation of warnings and alerts

Continuous monitoring

With a measurement interval of less than 10 minutes, we can also detect process-related problems, for example vibrations that occur at a specific RPM

Smart sensors & automations

The sensors are able to detect the RPM of assets with a VSD, so that we don't send unnecessary notifications when vibrations change due to RPM difference.

Custom advice

Our maintenance consultants execute deep-dive diagnosis for assets that have an expected defect

Reasons why customers choose us

Sensorfact has been very good with communication and taking on responsibilities that we were not able to handle internally otherwise.

Bo van de Kerkhove Butterfly Catering Services Technical staff

I am really satisfied with the collaboration. We have already received two years of valuable information about our energy consumption

Ruud van den Heuvel GEA Coordinator Technical Department

The savings Sensorfact found, contribute to a reduction of more than 10% on our energy bill.

Jochen Geurts Schoeller Allibert Production Manager

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