Arbor Sedie saves 15% on their energy consumption with Sensorfact

Arbor Sedie, founded in 1961 by the Granzotto family, specializes in the production of custom-made wooden chairs and tables, leveraging a rich mix of experience, technology and quality. The company’s dedication to process confidentiality and continuous investment in research and development have been key to its success and competitive advantage in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Insights into consumption at machine level

Identified savings of 40% on the extraction system

Identified savings of 15% on compressed air

The need

Arbor Sedie launched the “OUR SOLE” project during 2022, an integrated energy and production efficiency management project that gives follow-up, renewed vigor and greater identification to some targeted consumption reduction investments already made in the recent past. Within the promoted initiatives, collaboration with sensorfact was also initiated as the company was operating without any timely and “real time” energy monitoring system. The company was unable to understand where energy was being used or wasted, so it was looking for a way to effectively monitor energy consumption and consequently plan for possible reductions in spending.

The solution

Arbor Sedie self-installed 34 sensors on various plants and machinery, including compressors, extraction systems, milling machines, and CNC machines. This strategic distribution of sensors was designed to closely monitor energy consumption using Sensorfact’s software.

The results

Sensorfact’s data analysis provided Arbor Sedie with new insights, revealing significant opportunities for savings. The most notable areas of waste identified were the extraction system (accounting for more than 40 percent of the total), compressed air leakages (more than 15 percent of the total), and standby power consumption, particularly during breaks on workdays.

Based on these priorities, major savings actions have already been defined in the various areas, ranging from the modification of work shifts based on energy consumption findings also compared with solar renewable energy production to the ongoing modification of the suction system with significant energy savings estimated when fully operational.


Sensorfact's sensors were easy to install, and with our consumption data we fully optimized our operational run times.

Michele Granzotto Arbor Sedie Technical Office

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