Butterfly Catering Services (BCS) uses energy monitoring to calculate energy cost price

Butterfly Catering Services (BCS) specializes in soups and produces thousands of fresh meals for schools, department stores and hospitality every day. With their production facility in Beringen Limburg, BCS was looking for a reliable partner that could help them monitor the energy consumption for their individual machines as they did not have the internal capacity to do it themselves.

Soon after, BCS chose Sensorfact to monitor 80% of their machinery. The data, insights and energy consultancy advice helped BCS to get insight in their energy consumption, identify saving opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

Insights into energy consumption of 80% of machinery

Calculate the energy cost price per produced product

Identified saving opportunities

The start

The most important reason for BCS to start a partnership with Sensorfact is to get a better understanding of the energy consumption of machines that produce and cool food. More importantly, they want to use energy data to calculate the energy cost price per produced product.

Aside from the insights that we wanted to get, we currently do not have the needed technological knowledge to improve the energy consumption of our machines. With the help of Sensorfact, we have been able to fulfill this role very well.

The solution

Aside from the insights from the energy sensors, BCS received additional advice on how they can reduce their energy consumption by reducing standby-power, implementing LED-lighting and fixing compressor leakages.

With Sensorfact, we are monitoring about 80% of our total energy consumption in our plant. We wanted to have detailed insights so that we could understand how much energy it would cost to, for example, cool a single food product and to show this to stakeholders.

The results

Sensorfact provided BCS with the necessary data to take their first steps into energy efficiency. The client now has the insights to indicate how much energy there still is to save with the Sensorfact Smart Energy Solution.

Moving forward, we are planning to implement the advice and extend the energy management system with Gas Pulse Sensors and the additional option, Alerts. Sensorfact has done a great job so we definitely expect to stay in contact for the long term.



Sensorfact has been very good with communication and taking on responsibilities that we were not able to handle internally otherwise.

Bo van de Kerkhove Butterfly Catering Services Technical staff

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