Detailed insights into machine-level energy consumption

Dunlop Protective Footwear is the global market leader in protective footwear. The production team in The Netherlands was looking for a reliable partner to give them relevant insights into their energy consumption. After having selected Sensorfact as their partner, the sensors were installed on various machines. Among other things, Dunlop identified an energy waste in their air compressors of at least 10% by implementing Sensorfact’s smart energy management system.

Key results

Detailed insights into energy consumption

Quick-wins of 10% energy reduction through compressor optimization

Data-driven operational improvements

What the customer wanted

André Douma, Global Quality & Improvement Manager, is responsible for the improvement of operational processes and reduction of production costs. He and his team acknowledged the large opportunity to save in their largest energy consumer: electricity.

Dunlop’s sustainability program, cost-saving program and the result of an EED-audit have initiated the project to reduce energy consumption. Among the initiated steps, the first step is to get detailed measurements of the energy consumption per machine-unit. In order for us to achieve our objective to reduce our energy consumption by 25%, we needed an Energy Management Solution to provide us with insights.“

Solution for the customer

After having installed the sensors to the most relevant machines, Dunlop found out that about 25% of their total energy was consumed by their air compressors. These insights drove them to identify energy-saving opportunities.

“The Sensorfact Software visualized how the air compressors were running during operational hours and on the weekend. During the weekend the need for compressed air is low so a weekend-setting has been programmed as an example”

The result

Dunlop’s initial goal was to get clear insights into their energy consumption. Sensorfact’s solution has helped them achieve this goal through granular insights. Moving forward, Dunlop will keep on using Sensorfact’s solution to monitor their energy consumption and extend their zero-waste mindset.

“By reducing our energy costs, we could directly reduce the total production costs per produced unit. The implemented saving opportunities have already resulted in a reduction of 10% in energy use for our air compressors.”


André Douma | Dunlop Protective Footwear

Global Quality & Improvement Manager

“We are especially satisfied with the speed and stability of the interactive Sensorfact dashboard. It is user-friendly and provides us with the relevant KPIs for us to identify saving opportunities and to track the impact of the improvements.”

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