Eagle Simrax discovers potential savings of 7.5% on energy bill

Eagle Simrax is a supplier to the automotive industry specializing in the production of mechanical seals and lip seals. The originally Japanese company owns plants in Asia, the United States and Europe, and is actively engaged in the energy transition.

Flexible deployment of 20 wireless sensors

Insight into consumption per machine

Expected savings of 7.5% on energy bills

The need

Eagle Simrax was already improving its energy efficiency using its own mathematical models. This had a positive effect on energy bills, but did not provide insight into which measures were responsible for the savings. To gain this insight, they decided to measure their electricity consumption with Sensorfact’s wireless energy sensors.

The solution

Eagle Simrax uses 20 wireless energy sensors to measure their own consumption for each machine individually. They do this by placing the sensors on different machines every two to three weeks, which gives them detailed insight into consumption per machine. Based on this data, they continually implement new savings measures and monitor the results.

The results

Meanwhile, Eagle Simrax has already identified several savings, including a large saving in the consumption of their Japanese machines. Electricity measurement has shown that these machines still consume ⅔ of their normal electricity consumption outside of production times. This is caused by the transformers required in Japanese machines to convert 230 to 110 volts. By connecting several machines to a single transformer, they have already achieved a cost savings of 3.5% on the total energy bill.

With current developments, Eagle Simrax expects to realize savings of 7.5% on energy bills by the end of 2023.


Energy monitoring has revealed that the standby consumption of our machines, in certain cases, accounts for up to 65% of the total energy consumption. With the data of our consumption, we have implemented numerous cost-saving measures.

Bjorn Sluijsmans Eagle Simrax Material Engineer

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