Gerhardi AluTechnik GmbH identifies a yearly saving potential of €42,000

Gerhardi has been family-owned for more than 200 years and combines tradition with innovation at its Lüdenscheid site. They prioritize sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.

Gerhardi AluTechnik offers sustainable aluminum in various alloys with a remarkably low CO2 footprint. Their cutting-edge aluminum extrusion plant has been producing profiles for different application purposes since 1945.

Easy installation and detailed analysis

Potential yearly savings of over €42,000

ROI of 11.6 achieved

The need

In May 2022, Gerhardi AluTechnik GmbH started with Sensorfact to perform an efficiency check of the electric motors and identify energy waste. Since then, Gerhardi AluTechnik has been using the Sensorfact software and the plug & play sensors to pay more attention to the consumption of the machines.

The solution

By installing our sensors, they have been monitoring 51% of the total electricity consumption of the plant. The collected data was analyzed by Sensorfact’s energy consultants to identify the savings opportunities.

The results

Within the current energy consulting scope, opportunities to save €42,048 per year were identified, resulting in an ROI of 11.6.


Sensorfact quickly helped us to get a detailed overview of our consumption. We are very satisfied.

Udo Böckeler Gerhardi AluTechnik Technical Manager

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