IKO identifies a saving potential of €14,000 by installing gas pulse sensors

IKO is the European market leader specialized in manufacturing sustainable roofing insulation and waterproofing. At their plant in Belgium, there was a strong need for their team to get an understanding of their energy consumption on a machine level.

With Sensorfact’s smart energy management solution, IKO was able to get these insights and find saving opportunities such as standby-power for their boilers that run on thermic oil. Through analysis of these boilers with two gas pulse sensors, a potential saving of €14K was found. IKO will keep on working together with Sensorfact to make energy data management easy.

Detailed insights into energy consumption

Saving opportunity of €14K

System integration for better data management

The start

By the end of 2020, Sensorfact and IKO partnered to analyze the potential IKO has to reduce their energy consumption. IKO was aware of the fact that they could save energy. To save themselves time in doing so, they needed a plug-and-play energy management system.

Brecht Cools, Maintenance Manager at IKO:

We simply needed to understand our energy consumption. A complex energy management system could provide us this but it also requires a lot of installation time and comes with a high investment cost.

The solution

Before Sensorfact came, IKO had estimations of their energy consumption per division. By implementing the smart energy management system they can now view their total consumption on a machine-level. In total, IKO is monitoring 42 electric points and 2 gas points.

Based on the saving advice from Sensorfact and our own limitations, we prioritized what we would implement first. This way we can easily backbone our planning decisions with energy data.

The results

With Sensorfact’s energy management system, IKO has found a potential saving opportunity for their gas consumption of €14K. This opportunity was found in the heating process of the thermal oil that happens all throughout the week. Sensorfact’s energy data showed that it was not necessary for these boilers to heat the thermal oil during the weekends or shut downs and that IKO would be able to save energy by turning them off.

Moving forward, IKO is using the software’s feature Sensorfact Connect to integrate the energy data into their own platform to make analysis and reporting easy.

Now that the system is up and running, we continuously export data to our system to make reporting more efficient. We will continue to monitor our energy consumption with Sensorfact and possibly extend our package with more gas pulse sensors.



There is no system on the market as easy to use as that of Sensorfact.

Brecht Cools IKO Maintenance Manager

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