Insights into standby power use and potential energy savings at GEA

GEA Group is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. The GEA office in the Netherlands, previously GEA Grasso, was looking for a solution to gain insight into the energy consumption of their production plant in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The factory manufactures cooling compressors for the cooling industry. After successfully installing the energy sensors on the most relevant machines, GEA is now receiving valuable information about their energy consumption. Interesting saving opportunities were found mainly through standby power use.

Insights into machine-level energy consumption

Yearly savings of €7.700

Insights into standby power losses

The start

As coordinator of the technical department at GEA Refrigeration the Netherlands N.V, Ruud van den Heuvel, is responsible for the maintenance and management of the production plant and related utilities. While they executed some energy audits in the past, they never gave sufficient insight into the saving potential and standby power losses.

We have an industrial plant with a lot of electrical equipment, so it is important to optimize our energy use and to prevent unnecessary energy losses. Sensorfact offers a solution that provides these insights.

The solution

After selecting the most interesting machines, GEA Refrigeration installed several energy sensors at, among others, machine tools, spray booths, and drying cabins. The main reason they decided to work with Sensorfact was to get more insight into the break-down of energy consumption. The installation of the hardware is straightforward. The received data is easy to interpret by using the Sensorfact software.

The results

GEA Refrigeration achieved its main objective by purchasing the Sensorfact solution, which was to get an insight into machine-level energy usage. The data is, amongst other things, used for creating management reports. Furthermore, they found out that some of the machines were turned off unnecessarily.

These insights saved us €7.700 annually. We have already received two years of valuable information related to our energy consumption. We expect that Sensorfact will keep delivering their added value in the coming years.


I am really satisfied with the collaboration. We have already received two years of valuable information about our energy consumption

Ruud van den Heuvel GEA Coordinator Technical Department

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