Large saving potential for Galvanotechnische Oberflächen

Galvanotechnische Oberflächen (GtO) is one of the leading suppliers in the field of surface coating, corrosion protection and electroplating and an important supplier for the automotive and metal industries.

GtO is part of KAP AG, which has 2,900 employees worldwide at a total of 28 locations in 12 countries.

Large saving opportunity

Easy-to-implement saving opportunities

ROI of 6.7 in the first year

The start

An integral part of the corporate strategy is a comprehensive sustainability program and targets to be realized by 2025. As part of the strategy, GtO is now working with Sensorfact to increase energy efficiency and avoid energy waste.

The solution

In May 2022, GtO started working with Sensorfact to gain more insight into energy consumption and reduce energy waste in production. Since then, GtO has been using the Sensorfact software tool and plug-and-play sensors to collect machine-level data. The sensors are installed on different machines such as: Compressors, pumps, annealing furnaces and compressors.

Davor Rajnovic, Managing Director:

The installation was done very quickly and the production just kept running meanwhile. We were impressed how easy it was to get started.

The installation of 20 sensors currently monitors 40% of the total power consumption.

The results

The collected data was analyzed by Sensorfact Energy Consultants to identify savings opportunities. Several savings opportunities were found, such as pressure reduction and leakage in the compressor system. Sensorfact identified a large annual savings potential at GtO, realizing a return on investment of 6.7 in the first year.


We were surprised that Sensorfact identified so many easy-to-implement savings opportunities. We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation and would recommend the system at any time.

Davor Rajnovic Galvanotechnische Oberflächen Managing Director

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