Opti-Label discovers a yearly saving potential of €73,000 with Sensorfact

Opti-Label has been an expert in self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions for over 23 years now. The company is known for its fast delivery of large volumes and their reliable service. They strive for high customer satisfaction and sustainable operations, actively operating across the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Insights into consumption at machine level

Annual savings potential of more than €73,000

Alerts to avoid energy waste

The need

Opti-Label suspected energy waste due to high energy bills and observed that many compressors remained operational over weekends despite no production activities. Seeking to identify the sources of energy waste, they chose to collaborate with Sensorfact to gain insight into their energy consumption. This effort aimed at reducing expenses and enhancing their sustainability practices.

The solution

Opti-Label self-installed the smart sensors on a wide range of machines, including printing presses, compressors, extraction systems and cooling units for UV lamps.

They utilized the Sensorfact Alerts feature to get notifications when energy consumption went beyond set limits. This enabled them to act on alerts about machines that were accidentally left on over the weekend.

In addition, Opti-Label received weekly automated reports from the Sensorfact software with the exact costs of energy waste. This helped them create awareness within the team and continue to reduce waste.

The results

The largest savings were realized on five compressors and several other machines that were previously operational non-stop. Turning these machines off outside production times resulted in annual savings of €44,928.

Sensorfact also identified multiple savings in the areas of extraction, lighting and compressed air, which collectively account for a savings potential of €28,306 per year. This brings the total savings potential to €73,234 per year.

For Opti-Label, saving energy goes beyond financial savings; it also includes environmental considerations, maintenance and machine life. They are therefore very satisfied with their cooperation with Sensorfact.


With Sensorfact's solution, we're saving over €73,000 a year on energy. The dashboard is very clear and you get insight into your consumption and costs right away. Plus, the support is great; the team is always there when you need them.

Erik Gozefoort Opti-Label Operations Manager

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