Rösler Tyre Innovators identifies potential annual savings of over €78,000

Rösler Tyre Innovators GmbH & Co KG is unique in the field of EM tyre retreading. The Schelkmann retreading trademark produces and markets tyres for wheel loaders, dump trucks and articulated dumpers, including both mine tyres and EM tyres.

At Rösler Tyres, there is a strong emphasis on responsible production, careful recycling and efficient utilization of energy and resources.

Easy installation and detailed analysis

Savings opportunity of over €78,000

ROI of 22.5 achieved

The need

In April 2022, Rösler Tyre Innovators began collaborating with Sensorfact to get detailed insights into their energy consumption, identify energy waste and perform an efficiency scan. Since then, they have been using Sensorfact’s software and plug & play sensors to gather and analyze machine-level data.

The solution

By installing 20 sensors, 86% of the total electricity consumption has been monitored. The collected data was carefully analyzed by Sensorfact’s energy consultants in order to identify savings opportunities.

The results

During the data analysis, Sensorfact discovered saving opportunities totaling €78,906 per year and was able to achieve an excellent ROI of 22.5. The savings were easy to carry out and, in some cases, could be implemented without further investment.


Our engineering department had some questions about the implementation at first, but the installation turned out to be very simple and the results were exceptionally satisfying. We highly recommend Sensorfact.

Paul Rösler Rösler Tyre Innovators Managing Director

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