Schoeller Allibert works with Sensorfact to reduce more than 10% on the electricity bill

Schoeller Allibert is the European market leader of returnable industrial plastic packaging solutions. With 12 production locations and presence in 50 countries, they have been serving the sustainable packaging industry for over 60 years.

Energy bill reduction of more than 10%

4+ Production locations monitored

Insights on machine level

The start

Returnable transport packaging has a key role in the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy. More circularity equals less carbon emission, and Schoeller Allibert has recycled more than 50.000 tons of plastics into crates boxes and pallets. More efficient energy consumption also equals a decrease in carbon emission. Schoeller Allibert Belgium therefore collaborated with Sensorfact to get more insights in their energy consumption and to identify energy savings in their production process.

The solution

Multiple smart sensors were installed on injection moulding machines, chillers and air compressors at the Beringen plant to collect data about their energy consumption on a machine level. This data can not only be used to get more insights in their energy consumption but it can also be used by Sensorfact’s energy consultants to identify energy savings.

The results

Various saving potentials were identified including, the prevention of energy waste, improvement of the Cos-Phi, prevention of compressed air leakages and pressure reduction of their compressed air system.

Jochen Geurts, production manager at Schoeller Allibert:

Together, the savings contribute to a reduction of more than 10% on our energy bill. However, the most important achievement is the realization the system brings to me and my colleagues of where our electricity is actually going, and what we can do to reduce our emissions.

Following the successful initiation of this partnership, the Schoeller Allibert plants in Poland, Estonia, France, and the Netherlands will also be analyzed.



The savings Sensorfact found, contribute to a reduction of more than 10% on our energy bill.

Jochen Geurts Schoeller Allibert Production Manager

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