Vlassenroot saves on maintenance costs by preventing machine failure with Sensorfact

Vlassenroot is a well-known supplier of high-quality steel components for various industries. They started as specialists in bending parts for lifting equipment but also provide fully welded booms, chassis, and turntables. They offer a wide range of metalworking services, including cutting, bending, welding, machining, assembly, and painting.

With facilities in Belgium, Germany, and Poland, Vlassenroot is an established manufacturer that utilizes innovative technologies to assist customers with challenging requirements.

Insights into upcoming maintenance at machine level

Alerts for deviating vibrations

Prevention of machine failure of an electric motor

The need

Vlassenroot was already using Sensorfact’s electricity management solution. They had the desire to prevent unplanned downtime caused by machine failure and, in addition, reduce their overall maintenance costs. When predictive maintenance was introduced, they decided to monitor the condition of their machines using Sensorfact’s vibration sensors and add this information to their online dashboard.

The solution

Vlassenroot has several bending benches with hydraulic systems that are powered by electric motors. Sensorfact has equipped these electric motors with 10 vibration sensors that measure vibrations and send the data to an online dashboard. Sensorfact has helped Vlassenroot to set up alerts that provide warnings when deviating vibrations are detected. These alerts enable the maintenance team to respond promptly to potential maintenance needs or impending machine failures, thus preventing downtime.

The results

Thanks to Sensorfact’s predictive maintenance solution, Vlassenroot has received timely notifications about abnormal vibrations, enabling them to perform preventive maintenance and save on major maintenance expenses.

In a specific incident, after replacing an electric winding of an electric motor, a severe resonant vibration was detected, indicating that the machine would fail within a few months. By rechecking the winding and placing a piece of metal in the motor, the resonance was reduced, significantly extending the motor’s lifespan.

Currently, Vlassenroot is adding more vibration sensors to their facility, to further optimize their savings on machine maintenance.


For us, it is really important to monitor all our data streams in a single platform. Sensorfact offers the functionality to monitor everything together in their online dashboards, and has found a very insightful way of providing tailor-made advice on top of each of these data streams.

Hans Peeters Vlassenroot Maintenance manager

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