Smart energy saving in the plastic industry

Saving energy directly increases profitability. Typically, plastic processors can reduce their energy use by 30% within a period of 2-3 years. We provide a complete energy management solution including energy sensors, software, analysis and advice to bring down your energy use in the plastic industry.

What we can offer you


Receive real-time data on the energy consumption of your machines with our wireless clamp-on energy sensors. The data can be accessed via the Sensorfact software. It is plug and play without downtime.


Get clear insights into your energy consumption on a machine level. Monitor the energy flows, create an energy balance, or export your data to calculate your energy cost-price.


Easily implement your energy savings. Receive actionable and data-driven energy saving advice by our Energy Consultants, find the right suppliers and get discounts on saving investments.


Sensors measure the energy consumption on a machine level every 30 seconds. The data is sent wirelessly and securely via a bridge to the Sensorfact software. Algorithms are used to identify and quantify the savings opportunities and to track the progress of the implemented savings.

A practical guide to make smart decisions with machine level energy data

Are you interested to learn more about Energy Management in Plastic Processing?  The injection moulding process is the largest energy consumer at any site, led primarily by the Injection Moulding Machine (IMM). This white paper explains three real cases where energy data is used to make smart investment and operational decisions:

– Old versus New: Does the new injection moulding machine use less energy compared to the old one?
– Brand A versus Brand B: What is the difference in energy consumption between Brand A and Brand B producing the same product?
– Small versus Large: Which machine should we choose to produce our product?

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