Energy saving made easy

Reduce your footprint and energy bill by eliminating industrial energy waste. We provide a complete energy management solution including sensors, software, analysis and advice to bring down your energy use.

Plug and play hardware

Custom savings advice

Easy implementation of savings

How it works

Wireless sensors measure the energy consumption on a machine level every 30 seconds. The data is sent wirelessly and securely via a bridge to the Sensorfact software. Our Energy Consultants identify the saving opportunities of the main energy consuming machines. Our algorithms assist with analysing the saving potential and tracking of the implemented savings.

hardware and software

Get clear insights into your energy consumption on a machine level.

  • Monitor energy flows
  • Create an energy balance
  • Export you data manually
  • Integrate sensor data into your own platform – optional
  • Eliminate energy waste by setting alerts – optional

data analysis and consultancy

Get an overview of your saving opportunities.

  • Receive concrete and actionable savings advice
  • Receive a tailored energy scan
  • Find the right supplier with our supplier network
  • Get discounts on saving investments
  • Track the progress of the implemented savings

We offer a complete solution consisting of hardware, software, data analysis and savings. Only looking for an easy solution to receive energy data? We also offer a Basic “Insights” package.

Start saving within 6 months

Select machines


We will help you to select the most relevant machines to measure.

Install sensors

2 weeks

You can easily and safely install the hardware in one day without downtime.

Analyse data

3 months

Our Energy Consultants detect the most relevant saving opportunities. On average you need three months data to forecast the yearly savings potential.

Start saving!

6 months till infinity

You receive a data-driven and custom saving advice report. We assist you to seize the saving opportunities and track the progress of the realised savings.

Mark Stapel | Berry | PET Power

Utility Engineer

“We use the Sensorfact solution to gain insights in the energy consumption of our production lines and how to decrease our energy waste. After 4 months, a savings potential of €28,000 was identified. Most savings were found in our hydraulic pumps, dryers, and chillers”.

Directly schedule a demo

with an industry expert

Interested to start saving energy? Book a web demo with one of our industry experts. During the demo we will show you the hardware, software and services Sensorfact offers to reduce your energy usage. You can directly schedule the demo in our agenda. Simply arrange a time that suits you. Already convinced about the solution? You can also directly request a quotation.

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